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The days of buying a home and not knowing anything about it has passed. If you're not buying a new home from a builder, it's used, and all used homes have a history that you need to know as much about as possible.

Just as the home you're leaving has a way it "works", so does the home you're going to. There is no reason you can't "walk into" your next home and know how it works too.

A home walkthrough is a professional guided Interior and Exterior walk through of your newly purchased home to familiarize yourself  with features, finishes, renovations, mechanicals, and more...

Beyond how the home "works" are things such as what is due for maintenance.  Then there is what has been done to the house.  Renovations, Additions, Mechanical Systems, Electronics, Appliances...  When were they installed and why were they needed, What were the costs, Who were the contractors, Are there Guarantees or Warranties... and more.

What if it is a rural property with special features.  If there is an oil or propane tank or woodstove or insert, you have to understand those. Is there a drivehouse, or a barn or other buildings, or a pond you need to know about?  You need to know about these things. What if it's a Century home.  You need to know some specifics about plumbing and wiring updates and more...

home walkthrough

What if the property is a large Estate?

Depending on the extent of the property there are other vital questions. Who maintains the landscaping and snow removal?  Who monitors the mechanical systems?  Who maintains the pool?  Who services the sprinklers?  Is there a security system? how does it work, how extensive is it?  So much to know...   You CAN know now, and we can make it happen.

We help you ask the right questions, ask the questions you don't think of, and we ask that you be shown things.

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