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Know as much about your new home as you can. At home walkthrough, we help you understand your new house.  What's been done to it, what's old, what's new, what the features are, how they work, what the mechanical systems are, how you continue maintaining it, and so much more...

The GTA the market moves very fast, and with multiple offers in, purchasers rarely get an inspection option, let alone a good second look at the house.

That's when we come in.

Contact us as soon as you've closed the deal on your new home. We will start to co-ordinate a meeting with you and the current homeowners before they move out, and do a walkthrough of the entire house with them so you know what they know.

The walkthrough is about an hour.
We go floor by floor, room by room inside, then outside we look at the property and structures.  We look at all the features and discuss renovations and changes, why things were done, routine maintenance, seasonal preparations, guarantees on any work, warranties on any appliances or systems, how things work, and much more.

The owners explain what they know, you ask your questions, and I ask the questions no one else thinks of.

You take your notes, and can take pictures and videos with your handheld device.

Maybe your master's degree isn't in homes – don't worry, ours was. In the 80's and 90's the local agent was a contractor building kitchens, bathrooms, basements, additions, decks and fences for homeowners, and, providing townhouse maintenance for three Property Management companies servicing over 300 rental units, in 2001 switching to MPAC evaluations, then since 2002 applying the knowledge to Home Insurance construction / evaluation / safety / liability inspections of over 11 thousand homes, with many of them, taking the time to explain to people how their house "works" as a courtesy.

Starting in 2017, home walkthroughs will be available to any homeowner who wants to understand the property they just purchased.

We know what to ask so you know as much as possible about your new home. We arrange a meeting with you and the current owner and walk through the home together and ask for everything to be explained so you understand.




home walkthrough

YOU  can know everything ABOUT your new home